I thought PopCulture is PoppingCulture or something.

It had nothing to do with Popping.

Here is a definition given in our friend, Wikipedia:
Popular culture (commonly known as pop culture) is the totality of ideasperspectivesattitudesmemesimage sand other phenomena that are deemed preferred per an informal consensus within the mainstream of a given culture, especially Western culture of the early to mid 20th century and the emerging global mainstream of the late 20th and early 21st century. Heavily influenced by mass media, this collection of ideas permeates the everyday lives of the society.
I think this is too long.
Did you notice? ↑is only 2 sentences.

So, I looked for a shorter definition.
"pop culture", by definition of this website
("Pop" comes from "popular.") Mainstream, or widespread, features and trends that tend to define a society at any given time, including such things as language, fashion, entertainment, literature, and music.
After reading these two definitions, I will say this again.

"pop culture" has nothing to do with "popping".

My definition of "pop culture" is

 Culture made by the 'younger' generation, featuring music, film, television, comics, toys, and more.

Maybe I made it too simple.
What I want to say is, is that the 'pop culture' is somewhat different from 'culture'.

From my perspective,
'culture' is more.... serious.
--they have traditions and special rules to follow.

However, 'pop culture' is free.
Not 100% free, like you can do anything you want to do,
but there are no strict rulings of what you have to do.

... does that make any sense?

...I hope it does... haha.

I have read other people's blogs too,
and some of them have links to the same sites.

But I am posting the same site too!!

Just because I like this website so much.
It is one of the largest Japanese 'pop culture'.


This website is called ' NicoNicoDouga'
and it is a video sharing website, like Youtube

The users would make original video clips, share original songs, dance, music, and so on.

I made a lot of friends through this website,
and I think my interests changed dramatically by meeting this website.

So, 'pop culture' can be very influential.

I personally hate Japanese traditional culture, just because I have some family issues regarding that,
but I like 'pop culture' so much that I am enjoying it almost everyday.



'Memex' is such an interesting name.

This topic was talked a little bit in class -- the meaning of the name 'memex'
According to this website:

(memory) + (index) = (memex)

... I just thought this was interesting.


Personally, I think Facebook is useful.. in some ways.

As some of the people in the class knows,
I am not a big user of Facebook.

I created my account while MSN chatting with my friend when I was in 5th grade.
That time, I had no idea what it was,
plus, I was not using internet so much, because the time I will be able to connect to internet was limited.
So, the conversation I had with my friend when I first encountered Facebook was:
Friend: I think you should start Facebook too!
Me: ... ... is it free?

Friend: ... ... it is free.
Me: but is it safe?
Friend: just go to this website Facebook.com
            and I'll tell you more about it.

And so, I created my account on Facebook.

Since I was still in 5th grade, using WindowsME, with limited internet time of 30minutes,
I did not use Facebook so much.

However, when we changed our internet connection and the limit were gone,
I started using Facebook more.

My good old friend who taught me about the existence of Facebook
told me how my friends from elementary school are using this as well.

Since I moved to Tohoku region when I was in elementary school,
and I did not have computer at that time,
and so I did not have emails,
Facebook was the only way to get in contact with those friends.

I thought Facebook was an interesting way to have connection with people around the world
since we can not only share our status, but photos and interests too.

When I entered Temple, the first thing my friends asked for were my cell phone address
plus, my Facebook account.

I was glad that my good old friend told me about Facebook.

So, aside from emails,
Facebook is one of the biggest social networking that came into my life.



'Mouse' or 'Pointer' or whatever you call that clicking thing.

After I changed my computer from desktop to laptop,
the 'mouse' or 'pointer' is gone from my room.
The era of 'mouse' has now been history for me.
'Mouse' are very useful.
They move around very smoothly, and just double-click to open a document.
However, some people, like my mother, prefer using 'mouse' even though they have a laptop computer.
So, who is the father of all the 'mouse' that is being created even today?

This person
Doug Engelbart                                 
Doug Engelbart

It is important. So I will wrote it twice.
Maybe I'll write it again.
Doug Engelbart.
Born in 1925, Oregon.
Went to Oregon State University to study electrical engineering.
His studies were interpreted in the WWII.
Joined the Navy in Philippines as a radar technician.
Went back to school after the war.
1968, Doug Engelbart and his group of 17 researchers present the first debut of computer mouse.
   plus, the idea of hypertext, object addressing, and dynamic file linking were also presented.
Here are some websites that introduce Doug Engelbart and his works.
Has video clips of the Demo that the researchers presented in 1968.
Introduce "Internet Pioneers" such as, Doug Engelbart, Vannevar Bush, Ted Nelson, and more.
Has a lot of information about Doug Engelbart, including documents, video clips, and more.
And I have a feeling that my computer seriously hates this website
because it is now past 7o'clock,
 and I began writing this after I came back from school today, which is like.. 4.
It once froze. So I waited until it will work again.
And I waited..
And waited..
Suddenly, the page minimize..
I waited..
I maximize... but nothing happens.
So I decided to wait again.
I open Word, and decided to work on other assignments..
MicrosoftWord is working fine.
Blogger is not working fine.
I have waited....
so long...
Blogger started working around 6:30
and I finally finished it around 7.
Is this how everyone's Blogger is working?
Or is it just my computer that's like... not good..

Hello World

Hello World, this is my blog for CIS class.

just testing..

My computer at home seems to hate Blogger
and rejects logging me in.
Also, my computer at home seems to hate Twitter either,
and suddenly freezes when I try to log in.
maybe i should just not do the assignments..
Oh well...
I hope my blog is working now..