Personally, I think Facebook is useful.. in some ways.

As some of the people in the class knows,
I am not a big user of Facebook.

I created my account while MSN chatting with my friend when I was in 5th grade.
That time, I had no idea what it was,
plus, I was not using internet so much, because the time I will be able to connect to internet was limited.
So, the conversation I had with my friend when I first encountered Facebook was:
Friend: I think you should start Facebook too!
Me: ... ... is it free?

Friend: ... ... it is free.
Me: but is it safe?
Friend: just go to this website Facebook.com
            and I'll tell you more about it.

And so, I created my account on Facebook.

Since I was still in 5th grade, using WindowsME, with limited internet time of 30minutes,
I did not use Facebook so much.

However, when we changed our internet connection and the limit were gone,
I started using Facebook more.

My good old friend who taught me about the existence of Facebook
told me how my friends from elementary school are using this as well.

Since I moved to Tohoku region when I was in elementary school,
and I did not have computer at that time,
and so I did not have emails,
Facebook was the only way to get in contact with those friends.

I thought Facebook was an interesting way to have connection with people around the world
since we can not only share our status, but photos and interests too.

When I entered Temple, the first thing my friends asked for were my cell phone address
plus, my Facebook account.

I was glad that my good old friend told me about Facebook.

So, aside from emails,
Facebook is one of the biggest social networking that came into my life.


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