Artist2 social networking in Japan

I never left Japan,
and I don't really know much about American culture,
so I will focus on social networking and artist only in Japan.
A lot of Japanese artists use social networking services such as 
mixi (jp)
twitter (eng)
GREE (jp)
and a little bit of
facebook (eng)
Artists use these sites other than their official homepage
to interact with their fans by
 writing about their daily life
   (fans can comment)
uploading photos
  (fans can comment)
   (fans can be notified)
 replying to @tweets and direct messages
   (fans are happy)
I actually got a reply from this one singer
when I sent him a direct message,
and I really got excited.
The message was only 2 or 3 sentences
but it made me so happy 
that I wrote on facebook
            "  I am so happy that I am going to die.  "
There are a lot of ways artists can use social networking services to interact with their fans.
It is interesting, 
that just by posting blogs and pictures
you can also become an 'artist'
receiving comments
and replying to those comments.
'Artists' are not just famous people you see on TV everyday,
but are people you admire.
Those 'artist' doesn't have to be a professional.
A 'fan' can turn into an 'artist' someday
just like producers and singers that are now famous in NicoNicoDouga (jp).
I don't know where I am trying to end up now
so I think I should stop writing...
Social networking sites are some ways that Artists can
directly interact with their fans,
and they can connect closer than when they are on TV.
...I think.


  1. Ni-ko niko do-uga♪
    Dowango would tell you it is 0:00AM now♪
    Bep, bep, bep, piiii--

  2. The point about the artists replying got me thinking about artists using SNS to interact with their fans. The bright side is if they use it to get closer with the fans but on the other hand I couldn't help thinking that some of them would use it simply as a marketing tool so it's kind of subversive that way.

    Still I guess it's better than traditional forms of advertising which more or less have no fan input at all.

  3. >Sakura
    Thank you for your comment.
    Yea yea. And it actually was not 0:00 when you commented.

    Thank you for your comment.
    I thought about that after reading your comment, and I agree with that. There are surely the 'good side' and 'bad side' for everything, and the fact that you mentioned would be the 'bad side'.