Midterm--Mashup (MovieTrailer)

  Although I am majoring in Art, I am NOT what people call 'artist'. I decided to major in art just because I want to learn how to draw or design. In addition, I am not a computer-person, so I have no idea how to edit pictures digitally.
  So here, I have decided to chose ds106 assignment that is totally not in my medium of art.

  I decided to concentrate on the category of Mashup, and dig in even more, by focusing on this one assignment -- Movie Trailer Mashup.

  Here, you are to take your favourite movie trailer, and mix them with another trailer that has a totally different theme. For example, take the video from a horror movie trailer, and mix it with the audio from a comedy movie (if that makes any sense).

  This might be hard, as you have to find good trailers that would match. Only thinking about one of the trailers would not make the whole outcome successful. Just like mixing your voice with audio, matching is the hardest, and the most important part of this process.

Mixing Desk
< image: Mixing Desk takeb by cjsimmons CC right reserved >
Here is one sample made by mixing video from "Toy Story 3" and audio from "Inception".

  It's pretty interesting if you know both movies.
  In addition, the combination with the seriousness of 'Inception' and the so-called-childishness of 'Toy Story 3' is interesting as well.
 I feel that this is one of the fun parts of this assignment, and as I have mentioned before,
the mixing part and how the video and the audio match is very important part.

Here are some more examples of movie trailer mashups. (audio ; video)
Elf ; 300
  - "300" is war movie, and "Elf" is a comedy movie. The gap between the dialogue and the person speaking is matching really well. Also, I really like the movie "Elf", so I personally enjoyed watching this video a lot.

The Ring 2 ; The Runaway Bride
  - "The Ring 2" is a famous horror movie, and "The Runaway Bride" is a romace comedy movie. I have never watched both movies, but it was still very interesting to watch. Since I had no clue what "The Runaway Bride" was about, without being notified about this assignment, I would have thought that this movie is scary.

Strictly Ballroom ; Saturday night Fever
  - "Strictly Ballroom" is a comedy movie, and "Saturday Night Fever" is I believe... comedy too? (looked for it, but is still not sure). The two movies are both about dancing and music, so I think it was easier to match.

  Looking through the blogs, there seems to be a lot of ways you can edit the videos and mix them together. However, all of them look unfamiliar, and hard for me. I think I would only use Windows Movie Maker and see how it turns out.

  This assignment looks interesting, just by looking through the videos that are uploaded on YouTube. I feel they take a lot of ideas and technique, but anyone can do them. I recommend people to do this assignment because it looks, and it is  actually interesting.

...and, just because I want to see a lot of these videos. haha.


  1. Gosh, that Toy Story / Inception mashed-up trailer is awesome. I can't imagine making something this perfect.

    You did a smash-up job on this blog post. I really hope you attempt to do one of these projects. I might even try one myself. I just need to track down the trailers.

  2. >Scott
    Thank you for your comment.
    I thought that trailer was awesome too. I found that on YouTube, and decided to embed it in a slpit second. I can't believe ToyStory can be such a serious story.

    Thank you! I surely want to try this project, but I'm not sure if I actually can do this with my low computer skills. haha.