My friend's nickname was Timmyboy too.

His name was Timothy.
Everyone called him Tim.
My English teacher said he is still a kid.

He became Timmyboy.

Going back to topic.

Tim Owens (Timmyboy) talks about art, how people can all become artists.
Being in a 'creative' environment
can make people become more 'creative'.

Honestly, I think this is not true.

My maternal great-grandfather was a professional camera-man.
My maternal grandfather takes photos for his hobby, and is sending his photos to competitions.
My mother also takes photos for her hobby, and is sending her photos to competitions.

My paternal grandfather took photos for his hobby (didn't enter any competitions, but sold them)
My father was a police officer in the identification section, using his camera.

My brother loves his camera and was the camera person for the yearbook from middle school to high school.
I lived through my 19 years with these I-love-camera-and-photos people,
and yet I have no talent in taking pictures.

I live separately with my mother now,
so I usualy e-mail her whenever I find something interesting.
I take a picture of that object and send it to her via email.

my mother's reply:

you are good at writing, but your photos don't look good at all.

Thank you, mom.
I knew that.
Thank you for reminding me.

If what Timmyboy said was true,
don't you think that I am one of the I-love-camera-and-photos people?

However, I agree with Timmyboy that ds106 will be a good environment to enjoy art.
There are a lot of genres that I have never thought of before.
It will be a good experience, and people can be called artists within that environment.



  1. Slight clarification: "Being in a 'creative' environment
    can make people become 'creative'." is different than saying "If you were born and raised in a creative environment you will definitely be creative in the exact same way you were surrounded." You seem to be focusing more on the later argument. People can be surrounded by creativity and not have it impact them as well. My only point was that the potential for creativity is higher than in an environment lacking creativity completely.

  2. I'm struck by the comment from your mother about your photos. That would seem to suggest an environment that is not encouraging to creativity. I wonder what your mother's standard is for good photography.

    Such a response would make me sad.

  3. >> Tim Owens
    Thank you for your comment, and your clarification.
    I guess I had some misunderstandings there.

    Thank you for your comment.
    My mother is always straight about everything,
    and has absolute confidence in her art.
    It made me sad at first, but since I know what kind of person she is,
    I am now like "Oh, okay."