"ToGetHer" sounds so sweet.

Valentines Alternative ds106

The assignment was to make a Valentines card
targeted toward a particular person (real or imaginary).

My first plan was to make a card with the word "ToGetHer".
just because it sounds really nice
and it was easy to memorize the spelling back in elementary school.

I used our good old friend, Paint.

I really like Paint, just because it is really simple and easy to use.
Although some people say it's one of those crappy software,
it's really useful once you really know how to use it.


At the top of the card, it says "Together Forever"
since it has to be targeted towards someone.

 Staying together forever must be hard
 unless you really love that person...
 I envy some old grannies who looks happy together.

Then there's that symbol of heart.

Below that are two circular "stuff".
They are stuck together
but they look happy because they love each other.

 My first plan was to draw human boy and girl,
 but I wanted to express in the simplest form as possible.
 I thought of using stick figures too,
 but it became too simple.

The bottom Japanese line says
あいらびゅ。 "airabyu"
Short way of writing "I love you" in ro-maji.

 I chose to write it in this way because
 I thought that writing "I love you" is too formal.
 Since the circular figures are not formal at all,
 I wanted to express their looseness in this last line.

(`=ω=´)ノ あいらびゅ。


  1. THough I don't use MS Paint - I've seen some people are able to make great stuff with the program. Your Alternative Valentine is such an example. Great work.

  2. kawaii! ToGetHer! and the things look like omochi that stick to each other!!

  3. >Scott
    Thank you for your comment!
    I tried to make the image as simple as possible because of my mouse technique,
    but I'm glad to hear that! Thank you!

    Thank you for your comment!
    Yea, they look like omochi. haha.
    ToGetHer, so I bet it looks good!