Why did I even try.

Song Story ds106

Back in 2002.
I was in 4th grade.

It is 2011.
I am 19.

My greatest and darkest history.

Back then, my friends and I were really into this girls group.
called モーニング娘。 (morning musume, morning girls)

((Thinking about it now,
they were like AKB.
But a little bit different.))

I really liked them.
I don't know why.

But we were little kids.
We envied these shiny girls.

Back then, we were always talking about them.

My mother knew how much I liked them.

One day, she brings me this letter
that says that I passed the paper screening of the audition
for kids group (called Hello Project) of MorningMusume.

One of my friends who sent her paper also passed.

I went to the audition.

On the letter, it said that
there is going to be singing and dancing test.
And to wear something that is easy to move.

I knew what I wanted to sing.
It was one of the newest songs they released
and I liked it very much.

However, I didn't know what to wear.

My mother told me to wear something good-looking and cute.

it said "wear something that is easy to move".

For me,
good-looking (formal) + cute (skirt) = school uniform

My mother rejected my idea.

So, I decided to wear "something easy to move"
which was

my basketball uniform.

My mother rejected again.

But I was like "No no no!"
since I heard from my grandmother that audition = battle.

And there I was.
Among all other girls who are wearing
stage costumes of MorningMusume shrunken to their size,
really frilly skirts,
cool looking pants, ...

I was there,

with my basketball uniform that says
"Jaguars 7" on front and "Kino 7" on the back.

My friends were like ".....haha"

This was the song I sang for the singing test.

I think this is a great song.
I think this song cheers you up.

However, when I listen to this song.
I remember the loneliness at the really crowded place.
I remember the cold smile on my friend's face.

But I do not regret!

It was such a great experience.
I will never forget that day.



  1. Haha I really enjoyed reading your blog post!
    It's funny and cute story :) :D
    Good job and keep it up!

  2. nice story!!!!! I have similar story too so I understand how you feel but hey you experianced something that most of other people couldn't!!!! You are the lucky one!

  3. >Miyuki
    Thank you for your comment!
    I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

    Thank you for your comment!
    I'm glad that I have someone that understands. haha.