I hope I "Haiku it up"ed.

ds106      Haiku it up


 mom will get angry.
 I'm told not to buy them, but
 ...i love them so much. 


← some of my hats I wear in winter.

For some reason,
I LOVE hats.
I'm somewhat addicted to them.
I don't remember when this began,
but when I realized,
I was surrounded by hats.
While my friends check out the clothes that the mannequin is wearing,
I check the hat that the mannequin is wearing.

I collected so much of them
that my mother told me not to buy them anymore.
If I buy a new one, I have to toss one away.

((I know. She is so cruel.

The assignment was to take a simple dailyshoot assignment 
and use that as an inspiration.
Since hats are always around me, 
I thought this would be a good picture (for me).

Writing haiku in English was hard.
I remember doing something similar back in elementary school,
thought it was fun,
but somehow I feel it is very hard.

Maybe this is because I already learned ways to write haiku in Japanese.
I am used to the rhythm of Japanese haiku,
and some words in English changed that rhythm.

Japanese characters each have distinct syllables,
as for English, one word can have 2 or 3 syllables.

While rereading my haiku,
I was always feeling that something is not sounding right
in the first line.

The words I use in the second and third line 
each has one syllables.
But for the word 'angry' in the first line, it has 2.

(I hope this is making some sense)

What we call haiku must have some seasonal word in it.
i.e winter: ski, snow

I thought about this before writing this blog,
but after looking at other people's works, 
I decided to submit this haiku.

In Japanese, these writings with no seasonal words are called ' senryuu ' (川柳)

Senryuu are very interesting,
because since there are no rules of seasonal words,
it can be based about anything.

I feel like I am going off topic so I guess I should end here.

I had fun doing this assignment.
...I hope I did the right thing. haha.



  1. I hope mom understands there are much worse habits one could be into besides hats.

    Thanks for the full explanation; I am curious if it were possible to do a Japanese haiku that expresses the same idea (not a translation but the same story).

  2. >Alan
    Thank you for your comment!
    Yes, I hope she does^^ And I also hope she understands how wonderful hats are!

    After reading your comment, I was thinking about the translation,
    and I am still thinking!
    I'll try to complete it, and post it on here soon.

  3. Great post Mayu. I think your explanation is very clear. So clear, even I could understand.

    I have noticed after looking at several of your posts that you put two extra blank lines between your paragraphs. I wonder if it would be possible to reduce the blank space. I think it's easiest for tired old eyes like mine if there is just one blank line.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. This is great.

  4. >Scott
    Thank you for your comment!
    I'm glad it was clear, because my explanation becomes very long... and hard to understand because of that.

    I edited the spacings just now! I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. ohh, you have so many hats!!

    As you saied, haiku must include at least one seasonal word. I think, if you add the word "knit", then it could be seasonal word;)

  6. >Tomomi
    Thank you for your comment!
    Yes I do^^ I like them so much!
    And thank you for your suggestion for the seasonal word. I'll think about how I can add that word in the haiku!

  7. うるせえエビフライぶつけるぞ
     ,.、,、,..,、、.,、,、、..,_,,_  /i
    ;'`;、、:、. .:、:, :,.: ::`゛:.::'':,'.´ -‐i
    '、;: ...: ,:. :.、... :.、.:: _;... .;;.‐'゛ ̄  ̄
         |  /

  8. >Suzuki-san
    ...your comment has nothing to do with the blog. haha.
    demo at least the time you commented was 5:55!

  9. I enoyed this haiku. I also like winter hats, but I don't own any in Japan.

    This was my favorite assingment that I did in ds106. Having to pick the right image and also write something for it is relexing.

    Thanks for your post.

  10. I definitely can understand the hardness of getting rid of "unnecessary" things!
    I enjoyed your haiku and could feel the love of you toward hats!!

    Good job Mayu!! Keep it up! :)

  11. >Jesse
    Thank you for your comment!
    You should have one in Japan! just because they make you comfy when they are by your side. haha.
    Yes, this assignment was also my favourite! it was both very interesting, making and reading others' haiku!

    Thank you for your comment!
    I really want to say "They are 'necessary' things!". Getting rid of them is really hard T^T
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! thank you very much!