Japanese is always hard.

Translate Fail

I saw quite a few people doing this assignment
so I decided to do one too.

I type in:

(anata ga shachou desu)

You are the president.

I took this phrase from a Japanese book I bought the other day.
It looks simple.


Is your president.

It's not even a complete sentence.

I wonder how this worked out.
I think it's like
あなた = your
が = is
社長 = president

and it somehow turned out like that.

I found another interesting fail.
Which is this:

やくそく = suk quickly
(yakusoku, promise)

This came through when I was thinking of another sentence.

Type it in kanji, and it works fine.

Maybe the problem was with the hiragana I worked with.
So I try some words in hiragana.

They work fine.


doesn't change.

I understand that GoogleTranslate works with patterns of grammar,
but I couldn't understand how this worked.

GoogleTranslate is surely interesting.



  1. Wow, what a big mistake! やくそく is one word with no spaces and the outcome is hilariously wrong! The が particle throws google translate off for sure. I bet you had a good laugh!

  2. >Walter
    Thank you for your comment!
    It was too interesting I couldn't resist posting it on this blog. haha. I have no idea how this came along.
    が is always hard. Even when explaining Japanese to foreigners, it's always hard.
    ...Japanese is so hard. haha.