I might have used more than 4 icons.

the 4 icon challenge ds106

Please say that I only used 4 icons.

This assignment was to take one movie
and represent that movie in 4 simple icons.

The thing is,
I couldn't think of any movie.

The first few movies that came in mind were
all disney movies.
But I couldn't come up with any idea for icons.

I wonder how many times I asked myself:

Are you really majoring in art?

The answer is,

I lack idea.

So, I decided to think differently.
Not "art",
but "how to explain".

And I came up with our good old friend,

When you play charades,
you have to be able to "show" the word in some simple actions.
I somehow thought that charades and this assignment is similar where
you have to be able to "show" the movie in some simple icons.

I playback my memory...
back in middle school...
we played charades (in class, I don't remember why)..
I drew a card...
I read, "Matrix"

Everyone got it when I did the action for the 2nd icon,
but here it is.

I hope everyone understands. haha.



  1. Hey it's one of my most favorite movies ever! THE MATRIX :)

    I just did this for my English class! We did Charades on movies for the students to practice their words. I wrote down the Matrix! Creepy it's like you were there. 0_o

    It looks like four icons to me! But what's the first icon representing, quick question :P

  2. >Walter
    Thank you for your comment!
    omg that is so creepy! how did that happen. haha.
    The first icon is supposed to be a pair of sunglasses. That was the first thing that came in my mind when I thought of Matrix. haha.

  3. OH! Yeah!! Man, I couldn't tell, but that's perfectly Matrix! :)